Case File: Nazi Time Cycles, Watch out for Obama

Case File: Nazi Time Cycles, Watch out for Obama

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Hans Beckenbauer

Sometimes there are reasons people get so worked up about things that are happeningpolitcally.  People don't hate Barack Obama because they just want to hate him.  They hate him because he is ruining our country.  In my own personal, opinion he is a terrorist from within and I could never prove it-- not until now, anyhow.  Even so, this type of evidence would never hold up in the court of law, because the court of law only allows physical evidence.  They discount that there are things beyond the laws of logic that come back to warn us.  They warn us of the monstrosities to come and that history comes full circle, that is will always repeat itself if were are not careful. 

This experience come from a particular night that I decided to use the piece when I really had nothing better to do with myself, so I was completely open to any type of travel with the piece.  Tonight, I would get more than what I bargained for, however, because I was given a piece that is more than just a magical ability-- it is a piece that screams to the those who use it to be aware of what is going on around them.  It is a piece that tells us that history is about to repeat itself if we are not careful in what we do.  It is a wake up call for those who are astounded by the great show the the Media (both liberal and conservative) put on.  

This particular time, I was taken to a place that, at first glance, I knew looked familiar.  It was one of those types of place that I knew that I had visited before, but I wasn't quite sure what the place was.  Then, I remembered that I had never actually physically been to this place, but had done a great bit of research on it during the testing of a product from years ago.  Of course, it helped a bit when I opened up a set of large wooden double doors that led way to a room with large rustic heart above which read the name "Wewelsburg."  I scanned by brain to try to remember where I had heard that name before.  Then it hit me...  HIMMLER!!  Heinrich Himmler that is.  Wewelsburgis the castle he afforded to Hitler and the SS regime.  In this castle is where they performed and perfected many of their occult magic with the Jew experimentation.  Here is where they perfected time travel and spaced travel and even made contact with alien species.  This isn't what we will be discussing today, though.  Today we gain a more precious insight-- the geometric plane existence.  

As I stood beneath the hearth in the Wewelsburg Castle, I began to smell something.  It wasn't like a normal human smell-- it was a psychic smell.  It smelled of fire and rotting flesh.  As I walked towards the smell it began to get more and more poignant and the smell became sour in my nose to the point where I almost began choking. I made my way down a large hallway to a dead end, where there stood a pale figure.  His skin was a greyish, off-white color and there were bags around his eyes that were a dark purple.  I could sense at once that this wasn't a live person, but a dead one.  As I came closer to the figure, it walked through me, giving a reading of his energy.  I saw everything that he had been through from his childhood to his initiation into the rank and file of the Nazi Regime.  I was able to see the unsettling acts of terrorism that he performed on innocent Nazi Victims.  He was now settled into a hell that consisted of walking the grounds of the Wewelsburg Castle day in and day out for eternity.  To redeem his soul, he needed for perform selfless act to wash away his trangression; which is why he called me here.  

The grey figure stood there pointing towards the wall.  I was a big confused until the ground started to rumble and the wall slid away to reveal a secret passageway the erupted with a smell unlike any other I had experienced.  It led me down a hallway to a torture chamber where Himmler and Hitler performed many grievous acts upon the Jews including sexual rituals, body dimorphic rituals, dark sacrifices and others. I was able to psychically pick up on these things simply by placing my hands onto the equipment that had seen the lives of so many innocent victims that it practically screamed with metaphysical activity.  However, this still wasn't the apex of my journey, as the greyish figure appeared again and pointed to a wooden cedar chest in the corner.  

I made my way over to the chest and opened it, at which point the smell became almost unbearable.  In the box I found a cadaver, still in full Nazi get up, but rotted almost the full way away to where all I could really made out of the corpse was a skeleton.  On his uniform was the was the usual Nazi insignia and a name patch that read Beckenbauer.  In his skeletal hands, was the item that is being offered in conjunction with my travel.  It was at this point I made the  association between the rotting cadaver and the apparition-- they were one in the same, the apparition leading me to the body so that way I could manifest the powers in the piece that he died with.  Turns out that he died there in waiting while the allied troops defeated the Nazi Regime.  He was placed into the Cedar Chest to hide and forgotten about-- left to starve, die, and rot much like the Nazis he tortured during life.  

The piece itself is a piece of Nazi Occult magic.  It was made with energies from the rite and rituals that performed in the torture chamber by the Nazis who were always trying to be one-up on the rest of world.  The energy in this piece will resurrect the soul of Hans Beckenbauer, who was a petty officer of the SS Regime, but a very powerful occultist that helped the Nazi develop much of the magic.  With him and his piece you will be able to project yourself into the geometric realms of time and existence.  It gives you the ability to travel into forward and backward time cycles using a simple geometric time-travel method where you simply unravel the overlapping of time and history repeating itself.  

To bring things full circle, it is important that whoever gets this piece understands that by using this piece I was able to find out that time cycles are geometrically spaced so that history will always repeat itself.  It is how the Nazi's achieved time travel.  It may not be the exact same sequence with the exact same type of people, but the scenarios are the same.  At the end of his life,  Hitler sold his soul to the devil so that one day his initiative and agenda could be carried out.  You can never trust a snake, though and the irony is that now there is a black man carrying out his agenda on the middle class society that Hitler was born into.  Must be his own form of hell to watch some non-Aryan race prick carry out his agenda-- almost better than he did himself.  This is how I used this piece to determine that if people don't wake up to realize that Obama is an evil fascist bastard, we are all going to be his modern Jews in his modern-day FEMA gas chambers.  

This piece is very powerful.  It is also important to know that Beckenbauer's soul has undergone a complete white light transformation after being release form his Hell at Wewelsburg Castle.  He only wants to help, thus this power and all other powers he may lead you too are just as powerful as his roots with the Nazis, only reciprocated to be of the most extreme white light.