Case File:  Violet Flame of Saint Germain
Case File:  Violet Flame of Saint Germain
Case File:  Violet Flame of Saint Germain

Case File: Violet Flame of Saint Germain

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It's not every day that you get to visit somebody that you've always idolized.  For years I've been reading about Saint Germain and his alchemical abilities.  I'm a huge advocate of the principals behind transformation-- that the human is far more capable of things that the average person doesn't realize, because they too caught up in the hustle and bustle of their every day life.  If you ask the average person if they have a soul, they will most likely say yes.  If you ask them what they mean by soul, they probably will not be able to give you an answer-- like, at all.  Trust me, I've done this to people before.  Try it.  Put them on the spot.  Chances are you will come up empty handed in the "answers" department.  

I think it is important to know that everyone has a soul that is a very important and vital part to existence.  Each person has, within themselves, a part of the life flow that allows them to live.  It is a power within them that they can tap into; but the average human doesn't seem to think they can do anything other than what they can feel, touch, smell, hear, or see.  Folks, I'm here to tell you that there are a whole range of other abilities that humans are capable if they would only release the powers that they are stuffing deep inside their beings-- in the closet in the basement of their core existence.  It's time to wake the hell up!!  

I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time explaining my experience with Saint Germain.  I will tell you that it was a humbling experience.  He lives in a realm apart from our own with the rest of the ascended masters that have learned to let themselves be free and releases from mortal and physical imprisonment.  They have all learned to think outside of the box and they live in a parallel existence plain that I call the Realm of Violet.  This is where I was taken to last time I used my item-- you know, the one that mysteriously showed up for Deedee and I.  

In the Realm of Violet there lives an even greater life force-- the Violet Flame.  The Flame is the free form energy that is given to each person.  You can call it God if you'd like.  You can call in the one apostolic power or energy or the Book of Life.  Call it whatever you'd like to call it.  All I know is that it is the basis for the energy that flows throughout the universe.  It is the very sustenance of human life that allows us to love, or like the color blue, or think that chicken is tasty.  It is the inner workings of our soul that we have kept trapped for so long.  

For years it has been the goal of alchemists to change base metals into gold.  Transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and even more noble purpose-- alchemy of self-transformation.  This was the area of expertise for Saint Germain while he was here on Earth.  It has become more of a power form now that he was joined his brethren in the Realm of Violet and the Ascended Masters.  He has become the keeper of the Violet Flame, which is the spiritual energy of all things-- the epitome of our souls. 

This item has been scalded with the energy of the Violet Flame.  It provides complete immortal, spiritual transformation to the person who wears it.  It will allow you to change your "lead" soul, into a pure gold form.  It will give you positive enlightenment.  It will allow you to open up your spiritual violet energy from within to see existence with all of your psychic faculties and give you aChakratic spiritual rebirth.  Your psychic abilities will be fully open and you will be fully aware of your surroundings, as you will now view them through your new violet eyes, which is the highest spectrum to the human eye!  

Violet also acts a bridge to the next octave of color spectrum; and just as it does this physically, it will do the same thing on the spiritual front.  With this item, you will also be given the ability to see into the next range of the spiritual spectrum, meaning you will given the ability to see into the realm of heavens and the god.  It will provide you with a point of transition where you will be able to leave your bodies and have spirit journeys to other realms and plains.  You will be able to attain astral powers that you have always wanted, in addition to the full range psychic abilities that you will have already opened with this piece just from automatically bonding with it!  

This piece is a true chance to realign yourself with what existence is supposed to feel like, not the dumbed-down little lab rats that we have all become.  Who wants to walk around trying to navigate a maze when they experience free existence without the chains and prison of physical existence.  Align your chakras, release your inhibitions, and accelerate your spiritual essence with the power that is given to you with the this piece, which I am calling the Purple Flame of Saint Germain.