Case File: Queen of the Damned
Case File: Queen of the Damned
Case File: Queen of the Damned

Case File: Queen of the Damned

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I know that the title kind of gives it away, but this piece isn't exactly bursting forth with white light sprites that are going to make your life the most joyous of all things.  It also isn't going to subject you to harmful, negative energy either, because I would never subject anybody to those types of things.  I'm just giving this disclaimer because some people might say, "Oh my god, their spawning Satan."  Let those ignorant fools talk, because they obviously have NO idea what Haunted Curiosities is about.  We don't spawn demon.  These people need to grow up and realize that to every Yin there is a Yang-- it's what keeps us balanced; but some people shoot white light from their butts and refuse to acknowledge there are other areas of life and existence in general.  Well, they're wrong.  This piece isn't for the meek of heart.  It's a strong, very powerful, supernatural existence that brings with it great ability. It's not dark because we have taken that aspect out of it.  It can, however, be considered to hold dual powers, because the dark aspect of it has been neutralized simply for the benefits of the spawning power that it incorporates into the overall energy of the piece-- AKA, we did the leg work and there is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!  

I received this piece in a parallel realm.  It is not one that I took with me to draw out the energy of another realm.  It is the actual piece of the realm and of the creator that I met there.  It is the result of one of my astral journeys that I embarked upon using the mystery piece that was sent to me and Deedee a while back, which I have been testing for answers ever since we acquired it.  It has sent me on some wild journeys, but of them all, this piece is one of the most powerful that I have acquired.  It is a gift directly from one of the most powerful entities to have ever existed in history-- a creation of God gone awry.  

When I used my piece, I landed in a realm that was dark.  It wasn't cold or scary.  In fact, if anything if was more comforting than not.  For some reason I felt no unease in being there, even though there was absolutely no light at all, I felt like had acquired something like a sixth sense, for which I didn't need eyes because I could already see with my mind.  As I watched with my mind I saw As God created Adam.  My initial reaction was to think that this was going to be some sort of white light creationary experience.  It couldn't be further from the truth, actually.  To my disbelief, I saw Adam turn around and on his black was a second life form.  It was the original female form, known as  Lilith.  This struck me as odd because I had always thought that God had created Lilith for Adam.  As it turns out, God created Adam and Lilith to be equal parts.  Again a Yin to a Yang-- for every man a woman to counter balance the energies of both.

As I watched, time was fast-forwarded to show me that Adam refused to treat Lilith as an equal part, at which Lilith became pissed off and split from Adam.  She was fed up with the inability of Adam to treat her as God had intended.  She then went astray, sleeping with demons and eventually Satan himself.  In the meantime, this is when God made Eve for Adam out of his own rib, so that way she would be subservient, apparently.  I don't really know.  It's not the highlight of this piece anyhow... I was just letting everyone know.  

In the next part of my journey I was taken to realm, which not to be cliche, was a reddish glow in color.  I didn't really have to be there very long to realize that this was Lilith's realm-- the place she retreated to after she rescinded from God and her white light faction.  It was here where the beginnings of Lilith came to be.  It was in this place where she bore her army of followers, which I can't honestly say were entirely dark entities, because it wouldn't be the truth.  Listen, I know what the history books and accounts of Lilith all say.  They say she bore demons but I think demons are a modern conception of what she actually gave birth too.  In fact, what she did give birth to were more like djinn.  They came from when she received the seed of Satan, so while they weren't exactly children of white light, they weren't evil either.  They were more like a cross-breed that co-existed for their own purposes, neither light nor dark.  I'm no discrediting anything that has been written about Lilith and her existence.  I'm simply stating the facts as to my experience with her, first hand. 

In her realm, Lilith has continued to bear djinn.  Some of them stay there with her, some of them go their separate way.  Each of them has a distinct power that encompasses there existence.  Sometimes they are summoned by other entities to share their powers.  Sometimes their powers serve a purpose, but they are all born with one particular power that is distinctly there's.  The unborn souls of these offspring are kept in bleeding lilies that float around in Lilith's realm like Japanese flying lanterns.  Each time she gives birth to a djinn spawn, a bloody Lily comes to her.  She drinks the blood, which gives her the sequence to which the new djinn will be born and the Lily gives her the seed.  She then births a new entity.  

While I was in the realm, Lilith beckoned me which scared me a little, honestly, because I didn't know she could sense that I was present. Then, I hadn't clue what she had planned for me.  Everything has turned out well, as you can tell, however.  As she beckoned for me, one of the bleeding lilies began floating toward her.  I watched as she held it in her hand and it began to compress.  The blood ran over her hand and she drank it.  When she opened her hand, she was holding an item.  She handed it to me with the the solitary instructions, "Go Forth". 

Back in the mortal realm, I was able to run tests on this item.  It is a djinn birthing agent.  Just as Lilly had birthed djinn for Satan, you will also be able to birth djinn.  No worries, because when Lilly created this piece, in only contained the white light aspects of her existence, so therefore you will only be able to birth white light djinn.  You don't have to worry about the lilies or the blood or any of that mess.  This piece gives you the ability to birth djinn on the metaphysical plain, to implant them with powers that you will then also receive, because they are your djinn offspring.  Birthing these djinn is a good way to receive any and all powers you have ever wanted.  For eachdjinn you birth you gain a power of your choosing because you get to decide the power that goes into the djinn at birth.  Having this piece is an unbelievable opportunity, but I feel that it is my duty to pass it on-- so ENJOY!!