Case File: There Were 12 Disciples

Case File: There Were 12 Disciples

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Okay, I just want to let everyone know, that although I do believe in the powers of mystics and the Occult, I am a god-fearing man and I love my Jesus.  I don't personally think the Bible is the beginning and the end NOR do I think that contains all that there is to know about God, Jesus and their infinite love for the human race.  I think that it is a good guide and good place to start, but I think that to truly in sync with God and all that he has to offer you have to really understand him and have trust and faith in him.  Everything else to do with everything else will fall into place eventually.

Anyhow, if you are anything like myself you have probably read your Bible with wide-eyed wonderment, yearning to be able to see the things that are taking place.  In fact, to me, the Bible is one HUGE adventure story full of divine mysticism and magic that modern-day Christians hale as "miracles" so that way they can disparage comments that "Jesus' disciples did magic, so why can't we."  Either way, I often read from the Bible, wishing so desperately to be part of what is going on.  This piece brings you so close to being one of the original 12 disciples that if you reach out you could practically touch Jesus robes.  

During the testing of this piece, I happened upon an encounter in which I'm going to detail below.  It was a normal night just as any other as I settled down into the dark confines of my meditation room and appropriated my focus and concentration solely to the task at hand-- find out where this item has come from and from whom it came.  However, tonight would not be the night for this endeavor. Rather, it would give me one of the most powerful experiences that I have ever encountered from any item that I've ever tested.  It began when I "went to sleep" and "woke up" in a realm that I knew at once had to be Heaven.  At first I was hoping I wasn't dead for some reason, but after stumbling around I psychically knew that I was astral traveling-- that this wasn't my final destination.  However, due the peace and harmonious vibes that I felt from the realm and the fact that I was virtually just at ease with my whole presence, that was a bitter sweet feeling.  In this realm, I practically breathed pure white light power, as it was the building block  and atmosphere and this realm and everything that existed within was made of it.  

I was wondering around, taking it all in when I came upon a giant Menorah.  The Menorah was made out of what appeared to pure gold with silver accent.  There was one big center candle holder and on either side of the center holder were six smaller candle holders that looked the same as the one in the middle but were just smaller.  On the front of the Menorah were inscriptions in Hebrew, which I didn't understand until I psychically connected with the presence.  It was as this point that I understood that this realm held the life and experiences of Jesus and each one of his disciples.  On top of each candle holder was lit an eternal flame which never went out, signifying eternal illumination of white power and divine truth.  The center was Jesus, as the Center of all existences.  Each of the 12 smaller appendages signified a separate disciple.  I stopped under the one marked "Simon Peter" and was nearly blinded as a white light apparition appeared to me, clothed in white robes, with flowing dark hair.  In one hand he held a rock, signifying that Jesus himself had called him the Rock of Faith.  Paul had once called him the pillars of the Church.  

Simon Peter's other hand was clenched tightly shut.  I humbled myself, looking at the ground, as he opened up his hand and I could feel the power that he held take my very breath away.  The energy began to take shape as the piece that is being listed here.  He held out his and beckoned me to do the same.  He whispered something and at his word I was now holding the same piece he had been holding before.  At this I was sent back into the human realm as I awoke from my trance, with the piece still in my hand.  

This item is one of the utmost quality and extreme white light.  It resurrects the presence of the Apostle Simon Peter, also known as just Peter or St. Peter or Peter the Rock.  It will allow you to gaze upon his presence to feel his holiness and received white light anointment.  It will also allow you to see through the eyes of St Peter from the time Jesus called him to be a fisher of men rather than of fish on the Sea of Galilee.  It will allow you to behold the walks, life, and times of Jesus along with his many miracles, magics, and powers.  It will allow you observe it in a third-party perspective to take in the full experience, including the Sermon on the Mount, Five Loaves and Two Fishes, the Last Supper, and the Crucifixion.  It will also give you the white light healing ability that was given to St Peter from Jesus, that way you can full heal and revitalize those around you who have been spiritually inflicted by magic, spiritual decay, etc.