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3-20-19 Pocket pool or pocket Genieù

This is small enough to carry in your pocket but big enough to give you some bang for your buck!

She has a little pocket for for you to make offerings to her and she is in solid sterling silver. The sterling is heavy but she is small.

I usually do not sell Djinn or Genies because they too bore me and everyone is selling them. Plus for me since they are real they are very hard to get. Despite what many think you can not just pop them out of your butt or shoot them from your fingertips.

This one is real and it is real in ALL aspects. You can not control her,you will not demand from her,you will not have a slave.

What you will have is an intelligent creature that will grant wishes for you when you open up a good line of communication, honor her and make offerings.

Grab this one because I don't do many of them. The ones I have I keep but now I have two so the third one can be passed on. The ones I have now are men.

The price is cheap too. I'm not giving something this good away for free, bad economy or not.

The buyer will get her name. The name needs to be kept to yourself.