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3-20-09 These are bound and releasable Djin. I got these from a Muslim woman who knows her stuff. She even told me how to recognize them when they are in human form. She even told me that the Amity house did have a Djjin in it.

She said that people who play with these and do not know what they are getting are kind of the same thing as the angels in the Christian religion. There are some that are good and some that are evil.  She also told me the secret on how to get them to show themselves.

She began to study when one of her relatives was attacked by the bad CIN. I'm going to tell you that I'm putting a few of them up in which she gave me.

I also learned that they DO have families and they can take on the look of your family members. The one time when I was telling you about what happened in my house when the one guy was in the room with me and he was bleeding all over,well it was a CIN. Also when I came back out and went to go back in I was calling it a demon but in reality it was a CIN. She told me how to tell and it was all in the feet. They were crooked and he was bent over like an insect. I'm going to be doing a video tape of the house this weekend. You will see all there is so see including the red room,where the Priest stays and even the girl we call the ring woman. We are going to take tons of shots and I know we will get something.

All of these are good CIN but you must look at the one that calls to you. I can NOT give you the name until you buy or order them.