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6-12-09 Mothers of Darkness is the female section of the Illuminati. These are the women of important men that are hand picked to learn the ancient rituals of their now sister witches. The ritual is all about occult magic and magic that was thought to be lost to us ages ago. Many of you may wonder how this happens? Why do we not know all of this?

It is really simple. Way back in the day it was still only the wealthy and the powerful that would have access to ancient texts and books. This information was passed down. Information like this included transformation of Atlantean and Lemurian magic and ability.

When a woman is picked she is always a wife of a very well known politico or wealthy man.

They are given jewelry as it is easy to wear and keep with them. This is why paranormal jewelry is so popular. You can have it with you at all times.

The occult and paranormal jewelry that was picked took thought and even special stones are important. This ring is 14k white gold with a real star stone,not synthetic and two real diamonds to harness the power.

These rings are said to have hypnotic ability along with so much other power and magic. There is telepathic ability that transcends all worlds and dimensions. They have to get wealthy somehow. What if your one dimension shows the one your in but the future?

Control of your thoughts with an energy impulse? Very possible with this item. You think it,ten bring it into being.

I only have one of these. It is a size almost 8 and was cut off the dead body. I will size it for you free of charge but there will be a delay in shipping.