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9-7-09 Did you ever want to get to the other side just to know what was really thereω You don't want to die of course but maybe you just want to know what it is like with out going.......for the long term.

This is called Stargate, a real one. Not the stuff you see on movies and it has nothing to do with aliens.

If you want to know what is really waiting for you and all the mysteries of the infinity then this is for you.

Who will you meetω

Is everything you been told trueω

Will you have a life after deathω (no you don't)

Is there a God and will you meet himω

The object your looking at is one of mystery and there is only one. The person who buys it will learn where I got it and why it was given to me.

What is on it is the sign of Leo,Cancer and Virgo. This should give you some what of a hint of what it will do.

There are also ancient symbols on it that open a secret door when you wear it.

You will get the entire story when you buy it.

This item will change your life and the way you look at things. You will live differently,see different things and you might even decide that you are to become Mercen,

This is all good,all white light and NOTHING dark.

In fact the light is so white it could be blinding if it was not for this item.