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4-28-09 This is a few things in one. This is an Indian guide,amulet,astral travel and levitation item all in one.

Most levitation items are spiritual in nature and the magic of levitation is very hard to obtain. It requires a total control of the body and the soul. This is why most people can not reach it.

Through the help of the Indian Guide and the Amulet of protection you can get there. I'm not going to tell you that levitation is easy. We have been working with this item for ages. We have not levitated yet!

What we have done is spoke to the Guide,astral traveled and have been able to conjure and cast all sorts of things. I really wished we had reached the levitational level but we did not. I do believe that if we had the time to continue we could reach it.

As it is right now with many items to test and places to go we don't have that time.

Even with out us reaching the levitation all other abilities and skills more then make up for it. This is one to have. No doubt about it. The power in this because of the guide,real teeth and earth stones is truly magical and powerful.

We have stood over items using this one and felt the energy. This also is great protection,one of the best.

Do to the real teeth and how it has been used in the past I would jump on this one.