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We have been told that SCANATE,SUN STREAK, STAR GATE AND GRILL FLAME was a program of remote viewing,but was it reallyω Think about it,this so called program went on for years all the way up to and even for a few years,AFTER the Gulf War.

So what was really going onω

As usual the Gov loves to distract us,give us just enough info to act like we are KNOWING something. But alas the entire time we are in the dark. Well some of us are anyway. Is it not true that the government loves to act as if the paranormal and the conspiracy theories are all BSω

The item I have for you was part of Scanate or better known as the REAL Star Gate program.

This is a real bone carving which was made using the mind of one of the agents or a man made to become an agent during experimentation.

This is a being from the African other world. This is a place where the tree of life grows big and strong. What is it about the tree of life that can be so importantω Well try and tie it in with Bohemian Grove and the creature which came from the tree. The being that speaks,the same being that can make statues speak.

What the heck is out thereωωω I ask you people,there is something going on. It seems that so much is tied into these many paranormal and occult magics. So much is out there that in a few short months my mind has expanded. No jokes please,I[m psychic and I hear you!

This item causes material possessions to become real. It opens the mind into expansion. Star gate is not what you think it is.

This other world is not bad but like our own it holds both. The difference is it grants power,you decide which and what you want.

The guide as I will call him is non human,an alien is what I would call him. An alien can be anything not of this world. It could even be a spirit when it comes right down to it.

There is so much more to this item,time travel,world travel and in that you get to see these other agents all from another place,planet or realm. More is coming on this one.

This is what I call occult magic.

I will be updating this one later to night with what we have found out.