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5-4-09 Hello everyone and good morning. I'm not awake yet but I'm plugging along. I added to new items last night under core magic which you should all take a look at. It also tells you about my latest investigation into the missing Jeff Morse.

This item your looking at comes from New Jersey at a place called Garrison Lake.  A few years ago a lady went out at night to walk along the lake and saw a fresh water mermaid. It seemed there was a tribe of them. She went and told everyone about them but of course no one believed her. She became quite a story as people began to think she was a little off. I know the feeling so I met with her a few months ago. No one in her family would believe her and they still do not. She would try and give them these inexpensive bracelets and tell them they would bring them communication with mermaids. Again,no one believed her.

This past year the last of her family died and they all came back to speak with her. She was able to do this she said with her bracelets that the mermaids touched. She said she was even taken underwater to a world where they lived. When she came up she was able to feel people around her and sometimes hear the thoughts of others. She even told me I did not believe her. It is not that I do not believe it is that I have to see to believe some things,not all but just some.

I began to wear two of them and I had Sandi and Yitsedy come through to speak to me. When they do this you will become empathic. If your already empathic then it will level it out. I know because I already have that talent.

Each bracelet will also carry the energy of one passed on maiden which will stay with you MOST of the time. They do visit their families too once a week. To them passing on and being with a human is part of the evolution process. I'm not sure how all of this works but when you die they will move on to a different incarnation.

I'm calling them mermaids as she did and that is what they are but they seem to be a certain type of mystical creature.

I have had nothing but fun with them. You will get the names of the ones you order.

These are good but the prices are for sale  because I have a few and they are not real sterling. One of them is and that will be given to whoever.