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5-4-09 Where do children go if they do not go into the lightω  A person would normally think they are taken to the light. It only seems fair. I say fair because who would take care of themω Where would they go if not into the lightω These are the questions that most people would ask. Many even say "oh they are taken up" but how do we know thatω

These two children were both kidnapped and killed but not at the same time. The first to go was Harriet and then Harry went just before he was a year old.

It seemed that the woman that had them was your average person but Harriet was special and held pure telepathic ability and the ability to move things with her mind. She could also call up many mystical creatures to play with. She was so good at it that with her own natural ability and that of who she called up they could be seen by many.

It seemed that the wrong people heard about this and in that time the study of the occult was much more rampant then it is now and more ancient texts were available as well.

It was always though that they were kidnapped and used in some sick ritual. That happened to be the truth.

Now Harriet is still with us as is her brother. The price is low in hopes that you can keep them together.

The benefits are both ways,you get to enjoy a child with telepathic ability and know what she looks like and the same goes for her brother Harry.

You are getting the picture you see. They died well over a 100 years ago. These two children are happy,well adjusted because it seems as if they have always lived in the other realm anyway,