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5-4-09 For the past year we have had an on and off again investigation into orbs. My take on them has always been that they are nothing but sparks of light caught on dust. If in a graveyard I just thought drops of moisture. This was until I went on an investigation where I saw a full form spirit on camera but not when I was in person. I did not see it when I stood there which was unusual for me. Sometimes this happens with occult entities or mystical creatures but not usually with humans. What I did see with my eyes were orbs. It was in that same spot that I saw on camera a real full form apparition. This was the second time if happened to me.

It was the first time that we got a bunch of us together all in one network and began to look into these orbs. We found that instead of just looking at them in amazement we should try and communicate with them. When we realized we could many of us in the network began to try and catch the orbs and place them in something more material.

These are the real spirits that are in orbs. They are still here for whatever reason and they will communicate with you, bring more orbs to you and help you communicate with those as well. These have the ability to form a full body. Some have the ability to invite others in to the home they now have. What can get invited in depends on what type of person they were in real life. You normally stay with the company you keep.

What ever the abilities the person had in life are now magnified 100 times in spirit and these can be shared with you as well.

This occult magic orb holds the SPIRIT of what or who you want. You can pick from a mystical creature, vampire or human spirit. I would pick Tesla and Edgar Cayce, that seems like a great combo to me.  You tell me what you want, three only please and they need to be compatible. These also take some time to do.