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5-6-09 This is a real gold wire ring with some kind of stone in it. These are all witches items. They are powerless until a person takes it over. There is no life in this until you wear it and command it.

You are able to choose your power,one power. These witches come from all over the world. You will get one item which will be comparable to the item you see in the picture. This does not mean you will get the ring shown. You will get one great item though when you buy.

You give this item life and it will not happen until you wear the item. Your feeding it with your own energy but yet magic has already been placed inside. The reason it is done this way is so that you get exactly what your looking for.

Each item does hold a spirit of a witch and you will get the name. If you choose to pass this item on you can. The magic will begin again for the new person.

All witches are of white light. There are some of duality and you may ask for them when ordering. These are haunted jewelry items because they do hold a spirit.