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09-04-08 Sometimes a great opportunity comes along and you must grab at it.  I have been going through boxes and boxes and boxes until I'm sneezing out my brains. What I have come up with is an opportunity for both you and me! I do not have to do so much typing which I also hate but you also get such a deep reduction in price that you will be thrilled.

I figure it like this, if I have to take my time in typing all the time how much money am I losingω If you want a great item from core magic but can not afford it then this is a great way around that.

You get real heavy duty stuff which would be in the core magic section but as you know they require what Loads of typing and I am but one person.

If you look through that section it will give you an idea. You can also look through the sold section and that too will give you an idea.

The items offered are life changing and heavy duty magic. Blood magic, sex magic, violet light and soul travel, witches magic but again it has to be heavy duty.

If you buy the only thing I need to know is what you do NOT want as far as magic goes.

Many of these items are priced at 1,000 to 5,000.  For the first time you get what you pay for is not true. Your getting much more then you paid for. However it is a mystery yet I can assure you it is a good one. So far I have pulled a few items and will add more to the quantity as I get them.

For 200.00 you can get a 1,000 item or a 800.00 or even a 10,000 item and yes I do have them but the typing is a hardship and I mean that.

Take your chances on one,the lowest priced item I have in the box is 500.00 that alone gives you a 300.00 discount. One I just placed in is a religious mystery piece with bound magic which I was going to list today. It holds a Golem of wealth and it was going on for 1,500.00 so that gives you an idea to base your decision on. Good luck