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5-24-09 Hello again this is me Dee Dee.

this next one is called Bio Brains did I spell that right , Bio Brains it is really good it is 14K gold chain with two crystals that form a oyster shell with a pearl in it.

Its very pretty, basically it works along the line of bio rhythms except for it is much more powerful.

The reason is because the things from the sea which is the pearl the crystals which are great to be held against the skin and the gold basically our bodies are  made up of mostly saline solution and a lot of salt in our bodies its not 90 I think it is almost 90% saline in our body or not 90 percent saline but the PH.

The PH in our body is the same PH that lies in the ocean this is true so a lot of scientists tried to say that this is the reason for evolution but this is a bunch of crap.

Just because your body has the same PH from the ocean doesnâ??t mean you evolved from a fish.

You did not evolve from fish but what this does is the crystal lays against the skin which generates heat and the pearl is from deep down in the sea not the normal kind that you can find. This is going to adjust your bio-rhythm.

Adjusting your bio-rhythm is really good because itâ??s a lot different than your aura, if a person has different health conditions or if theyâ??re sick a lot or run down you could use this.

If your lacking energy or psychic ability or want to communicate better with your spirits then begin here.

Many people just concentrate on the aura but you need this to work properly as well.

The aura basically is  the energy the body was given off in colors.

Your energy is produce by the emotions you feel and your own soul so if youâ??re an angry person a lot of the time or you have one of those personalities where your not too calm your gonna be a lot of red a lot of orange you might have some green mixed in there too.

If youâ??re a calm person and easy going and material things donâ??t matter to you, your path is more of a spiritual path youâ??d be more lavender or purple you can have some white in you. Mine is very, very pale lavender and white and that's because the things that matter to other people just donâ??t matter to me but that is a place in you life that you have to get to.

Sometimes you have to get where money is not the ended to all be all thing, what you want, how you look, these things really donâ??t matter.

The body your in is basically the clothes you are wearing while youâ??re here on earth you need that body to run properly. You need to clean up the aura you need to have your bio rhythms running smoothly in order to stay healthy, in order to become clairvoyant and all the things you seek to be.

This one item does do it, and it is beautiful and un fortunately I only have one of them ok bye bye now I will come back