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This ring is called the Crystal Palace it is in solid Sterling silver oh  I have a sizer here it is size I tell you what if you ever needed a weapon this ring sizer this is your man wow. This is a size twelve.


Now the Crystal Palace is a place that showed up on satellites. Nassau took some satellites into space, wherever they go and were looking towards the colder climates or the Arctic. The Satellites took pictures and found this beautiful site, which they decided to call the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace is really what some people like to tie in with the Hollow Earth, itâ??s off the Northern Coast of Greenland where there is only suppose to be ice but, there is a big black spot, an big oval spot the reason it is oval is because it is casting a shadow its actually an opening in the centre of the Earth which they call the Hollow Earth. People have been known to go in and out of there at various times and often. They have been going there since long ago until now for some reason the Government wants to lie about the Earth having this hole in it for whatever reason.


Many, many years ago, some men went up with a weather balloon and discovered that there seems to be vortex, portal of some type sits next to it. The men went up one came back the other did not. This is actual real news you can look this up, I do not know exactly where but it is on the internet you should be able to find it if you want.


The Hollow Earth thing though is quite amazing, as there seems to be Aliens and Entities that live inside it. Now a friend of mine who has been to Egypt on digs and things like that is now up in that Area of the Northern Coast of Greenland. They took the maps that Nassau had taken to find what they call Crystal Palace and went to the exact location using GPS, atlases, compasses and everything else they could to find it. What the found is that there is a heavy energy force field, what they described it, as having the thickness of major building it would be that thick. They could put their hands in it and when their hands went, in they could not see their hands, they put their bodies in and they could not see them selves, it was as if they were dead but they were fully conscious. However, with like most things, they had compasses with them and unlike what most people say when they go over the Bermuda triangle their compasses doesnâ??t work it just spins out of control or it just stops, well that was not the case here the compass did keep working so they went through and kept walking straight and noticed if they went left the compass went left or if they went right or turned back around the compass did too so they got their bearings and just kept going. They walked the what was about the length of two city blocks before they came out onto the other side, when they came out the other side they seen other various other people, beings , entities and things like that.


This is a sterling silver ring and rather looks like that Crowley ring I had except this has the all blue on it more for that Crystal Palace. Everything that we get or we look at we try to do some kind of investigation or testing on them. What we have come to find out is we have been to this place in NY that had a portal and we have been to the place in NJ that is suppose to be the second Montauk which I donâ??t believe too many people knew about that had a portal, we have done the whole Gideon portal we have done so many of them. In addition, a big one that we did was the one of the Stump and that was incredible because, some of them out there seem to be a main gateway or entrance to all the other ones. Each and everyone we have gone to or gone through is different and although we thought the people inside them were dead they are not, although there is one we went to where the people were, that is the one we did up in NY State, those people were dead because Victor who is a member of the group, we would to go there all the time its in this clearing in the middle of the woods. It was a clearing in the middle of these deep dense woods until you got to the middle of it there was this hole, which is like the hole in the Artic which their calling middle earth which is also a portal.


There is a person I have been speaking to that runs the organization call Middle Earth he believes that and has told me there are people that live there. This ring came from the Crystal Palace it is powerful. The Crystal Palace it self when viewed from the sky looks like a spider web, which is also very interesting again as it, seems that in the Artic this place is the beginning of everything that branches out from it, like a spider web has a centre the Crystal Palace is the centre, its north, the North Star everything scientifically coming together. The fact that the things that they find there that do not believe could have existed anywhere else, or things that are here today could have stemmed from there, Its all pretty incredible.


Basically, what the ring does is it allows portals to open only in the direction of North. This may sound odd but it creates an extreme power structure at the same time is a very stabilized environment. People who are empathic, people who have something blocking them this would be a great item for them.


This is a mans ring in size 12 solid sterling silver with chips in it but it will not be seen but I just want to note it so you know what you are getting if you have to have something that is perfect in appearance that this is not for you. It would look good on any mans hand, a woman can use this to even though I donâ??t believe a woman would want to wear it so this decision is up to you.


This is all so fascinating I would suggest you look up Middle Earth, look up the Nassau conspiracy to cover up Middle Earth. You might find more information on it, I personally do not go looking for information on the internet too often, I work more with people who are out exploring these things.


The Crowley ring I sold is the same type of ring but this one is all blue, so I am wondering if because it has the same ability and carries other abilities with it that, from what I have heard that the original people had found this hole who left this ring, left it for the more elite who have been able to gain power not just from the force field but, by going in through the portal. The rest of us are just the masses and the slaves that have not freed our minds and brains yet.


There is a lot going on with this item that I have not had the time to discover yet due to that I do not have the time to put into it. It is better that it go to someone who can take the time to work with it and discover the potential of this piece. It is very powerful and good to have if you are into the middle earth or if you are into different types of travel through dimensions whether it is in your body you have or Astral body this is the ring to have.