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5-29-09 You become the Mama. This is a unique one because they are spirits in limbo,all babies. The story on this one is that a in Ireland a  rounder was a place where fairies went to have their children. They are not just there and do get born.

Every now and then a fairy would become enchanted with some human or other being and not come back. This usually happens after birth due to some chemical in the body they have.

A fairy never leaves her babies for more then a few hours and if they did they went to the Saline Sanctuary to be placed into limbo until the fairy comes back.

These are all babies that never had the Mama Fairy come back. They are in limbo until you call them. To do this you will be given instructions which must be followed. It is very easy to do but when it is done you get to gift them. This is the same as a royal fairy would to to all that were about to grow.

So you would name them and give them power through the granting of it by spoken word. You will also need a key word to do this and that too will be given to you.

This is also a very beautiful and natural necklace of a great length as well. The balls are sterling and the stones are all real. You can really see the beauty of both the earth world and the spirit world in this piece.