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The most famous oracles are the oldest and come from mysterious places.

These are Trophonius,Delphi,Dodona and Latona. This would be really long for me to get into so I'm going to keep this short.

I only have one.

The oracles that came out of these places were said to be in en rapport with God. The visions and the prophesy come directly from him.

The prophesy of the Delphi is said to come from the womb of mystery.

The prophesy of the Dodona came from talking Oak trees.

The item your looking at can create mephitic fumes which come from the other side. These create a delirium and trance like state causing you to become your own traveler or astral asteroid as some of them called it.

There is a lot more to this too.

The oracle of Trophonius offers a fountain of occult magic to any human wise enough to know it exists.  The first fountain offers you forgetfulness of the earthly sorrows. The second offers sacred water of rememberance so that you can remember your experiences. These come to you in dreams and visions and it is simple to encourage these.

The inhabitant of the talking trees is Phegonaues. The ancient priests would speak to them to get answers on specific questions. The grove that they live in is ruled by a heart that beats into the universe.

The sterling allows you to connect,the real stones represent various magics. The time piece takes you back into time.

This is a unique experience and one that would go along with the paranormal pilgrimage.