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6-10-09 This is so gorgeous and beautiful. This is a true work of art.

I like to call this the flower fairy patch. There are many Fae in this and they make it their home because they are happy there and get to be close to humans.

All of these little Fae are children of various ages. They are from around 3 to 13 and all very nice, helpful, magical and protective. Now you might wonder why a child can be protective but these are Fae and very special.

This is one of my favorite pieces because I have worked with it a very long time and because of it's beauty. This is also made well. There are real crystals,glass and regular beads as well. This is a vintage piece and the Fae's will never age except for one that will age as you do and stay with you forever.

There are many names and I will give them all to you.