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6-12-09 If this calls to you it means your destined for it. Don't pass it up. This is the mystical treasure chest. Your getting one item for 50.00 The pictures show you what some of the items might look like and gives you an idea. YOU CAN SEE THE PICTURES BY GOING TO THE MYSTICAL TREASURE CHEST 3

These items are your choice of magic type.  You may pick from white light and dual magic. These items will ship fast. I'm also trying to clear out my one shed and if your responsible and want the darker magic to test it or learn from it you can specify that as well. Those items take longer as they are not kept at the house and I must go get them. There is a one week wait on those items.

These items are a sampling of magic but very powerful, energetic and active. I'm working with a spirit guide right now and they will guide me in which bag to give you. If you prefer you may tell me what your looking for or I will pick it out for you.

Some of the items will be of these powers and magical abilities.

Witch items with spirits attached (if you want no spirit attached items please specify)

God Particles

Mind Blenders

Mystical creatures

Vampires with full history

Occult items of a dark nature ( only if asked for,I really need to find them a home as they can not be destroyed)

Purple magic

Karma Killers

Famous people of the paranormal

7 gates

astral travel

Gnomes ( god knows I have a lot of them)


beauty enhancers

Heavenatic Love items

psychic boosters

the list goes on and is long

Conscious mind items

You just never know