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6-18-09Why does it always have to be a tailed being or a mermaidω These are adorable and they are nymphs and they are LUCKY! These are for wealth.

Do not let the picture fool you,this is no FROSTED FAKE, this are also all heterosexual with the exception of one that has has a sex change. Even in the world of Nymphs sometimes we are born being in the wrong body.

These pictures do not do the item justice in anyway. They GLOW and they breath AND you will LOVE them for the companionship they offer as well as the wealth rewards.

You will get the names you need to bond with them and they want to be worn close to you for the warmth you provide.

Their names are Vivian,Ms. Crawford,Ossie Wilde,sleepyhollowtreasures, babyjanehudson and Michhell

I only have one transgendered nymph so please ask for that one and if she is still with us I will send it out.

They allowed me to name them so I did and I think the names fits them fine.

The goal here is wealth in doses where you need it most. I have two of them and they are working fine for me.

These wore cast using the spirits of the nymphs for reasons of gaining a home. I only have a few and you will be more then glad you got them. Go ahead and do divination on them and you will find out. If you have a pendulum ask it and again you will find out. Get them while you can.