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6-18-09 You must have one of these! I have two of them and they are like freaking flytraps! You remember seeing those fly tapes that are now outlawed for sanitary reasonsω These have a hook so you can hang them in a window or where ever you want to. These are best hung in my opinion in a window or door way but you can hang them everywhere.

The hands have a loop in them that creates a traveling portal for them to come through. Evey bead on this will hold a spirit. You have no idea how many spirits enter your home every day. You can program the portal to allow nothing in or to allow some in. You can also program it to only only good in. This is up to you.

Last week when I worked with this I saw a full form man come through my portal. He was very nice and helped me with the man in my kitchen.

You do not just get spirits but mystical creatures,humans and animals. I even got a picture come through of a cool as heck dog which I will put up because he needs a home. I will try to get him on today,wait until you see him.

These are also easy ( so easy) to program that everyone should have one. Know what is coming in to your home or prevent what you don't want.

These will also prevent curses and hex's and all kinds of negative naturally. You can also change out the beads which are plastic but the hand is what is important. This is all metal.