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7-7-09 This is one you MUST have! If you pass this one up,it's just wrong. There are so many uses for these that in life this is going to help you get somewhere. In love,employment,protection,you name it,this will help you.

This is the power of Oculomancy,which is the ability to look into the eyes of another and KNOW what is going on.

Are they lying to youω

Do they love youω

Are they safe or are they dangerousω

Should your son or daughter go out with this personω

Is that babysitter safeω

Is your lover,husband or boyfriend cheating on youω

Did the lady down the street show her boobs to your manω

Does your boss think you have a hot pair of bunzω

Whats hiding in the closet or are they in the closetω

Can you see the future in someones eyesω Yes you can.

Did they have a sordid pastω

Are you what makes a person happyω

Are they really who they say they areω

So many questions that are left unanswered will now be your for the knowing,

This is an ability your given. Looking into the eyes now becomes the truth. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and now you will know that is true.

These are AMAZING,you MUST get one. For all those worries and unanswered questions,now is the time to fix that.

This can help you with the little things as well,like is that car salesman a liar. Is someone lying period. Should you do this or do thatω

Another great thing you can do with these is to use them while doing tarot cards. To use in this fashion al you need to do is to hold the eye in your hand and say the persons name in your mind,get a visual of them and then pull your first card and lay the eye on that card. The rest of the reading will be all about them and can bring on visions of them as well.

Nothing will effect the eye or hurt it unless you smash it or something. You may also use it directly on the forehead for psychic visions during meditation and let me tell you,THAT WORKS WONDERS!

You can even place this in a piece of jewelry if you wish and it will not hurt it but if you do that it makes it a little hard to use during meditation.

Don't pass this one up.