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7-31-09 If your looking for the residence of the aliens or you seek to find where you can go to communicate with them this is for you. They also will direct you to the ones that you share  DNA with.

I can not tell you what types of aliens you will meet because I'm not you. You can use this in two different ways.

You can wear it and it will guide you as you move through life and go places. You can also use this with a ,map and go to more places with it.

You will also notice that many of the places you go now will give off a strange energy. This is because those of you that have  the alien DNA are on a path to coming into contact with them and meeting them everyday anyway.

Once they know that you are aware or see the symbol they will begin to come up to you.

You can meet these beings from another world at anytime. You may also communicate with them with out meeting them by using this as a planchette and drawing your own talking board.

I used this,this morning for the third time and I was very impressed with it. I asked it a question and it was answered right away. I then checked on it and it was accurate.

This will be accurate despite what you may have in your home in the way of energy.

The one thing that I found very interesting was that there are WAY more species then you know.