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My sister is a Kardashian junkie. You know, that mega-rich horde of a family that does reality TV from coast to coast? I am usually in the room, so I have a feeling the show has seeped into my subconsciousness somehow. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the family, celebs are people too.

Anyhow, Kourtney K. has this man attached to her, kind of like a barnacle dressed in a pink sweater named Scott, and he causes all this drama, and they fight, and break up, and then they make up, and now he's trying to get back in good with her family. Personally, I think he's just grubbing after the money, you can practically see the dollar signs lighting up his eyes. I have two words for her: Airtight Pre-nup!!

Most of us don't have to worry about gold-diggers, but there are times when we WOULD like to know someone's intentions toward us. What if you've been dating someone, and want to know if they really care for you, or just want the wild sex? Think the wife may be cheating on you? Is your boyfriend your soul mate?

These are real gold and Peridot earrings that allow you to listen and hear what's inside a person's heart and soul. You will know what plans they have for you, and how they feel towards you. These will also give spirit communication, and the spirits will help you as well, to listen and interpret your target. The only spirits that will come to you will be relatives, not strangers, and they will assist you in finding out what you need to know.