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Receptors on Alert

Do you ever lay in bed at night, or when you wake up in the morning, and you can really feel aspects of your body? You are laying there and can feel the stiffness in your toes as they point up and the blankets are touching them. You arms are under the covers and you feel like they are being pushed on by 10 lbs. of force!

The intervals of conjuring the immense controls of the body are all controlled by facets of receptors in your mind.

Thinking about these sensationalized times, I got to thinking about how extremely powerful the brain is --- to allow variance from day to day on how you feel and sense things.

The control is all in the brain!

Many people generate rations of honor, as they use the charges that they store up at night. While we sleep our bodies implore a pull of radiance that our brain lobes utilize -- thus conjuring crazy dreams --- or bringing some people messages in dreams, as these are due to the natural forces in the Universe.

This piece is implemented to collect these surges, so you can utilize the strong forces when you need them. You will be able to have immense control over areas of your life that in the past you thought were hopeless.

If you never felt comfortable in social situations, you can now link into confidence in your brain. If you often speak before thinking, you now can stop and think before you say something you may regret. The possibilities and fundamentals of this piece are endless... this is a great item~!