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This was shared by a client of ours, Kiersten.

When I was 15 I Iived in a rental house. It was small and yellow, nothing about it was really impressive. The first two months my family and I lived there, nothing abnormal happened.Then I kept getting the feeling of being watched, although I thought nothing of it at the time, my mother was having the same feelings.

She confronted me about it one day and I just laughed at her. I knew it was wrong to laugh but I didn’t want her worrying. By the fifth month of living there more things started happening such as the television turning on, and off, and doors opening and closing. After that I started to feel depressed and angry all the time.

One day I was in the shower and I got out and started to dry off, I just so happened to look up and I saw someone in the mirror. It was a girl that had brown hair and she was wearing a white gown. Her eyes were hollow looking but I beieve they were brown, she also had cuts all over her face!

After my encounter with the girl things in my room started to get weird. One night I was laying in my bed crying for the death of a loved one, and once I finally started to quiet down I could still hear cryin. I looked over and there was the girl crouched in the corner of my room sobbing quietly. It freaked me out but I was paralized with fear.

The next night I fell asleep and I dreamt of the girl, she was laying on the floor and covered with blood. I believe she was murdered. I also think she was trying to reach out to me in my dreams.

** Kiersten's encounters were impactful and so we set up an investigation at her house to try and make sense of things and bring peace to the home for her mother and herself~

The energies were evident and strong as soon as you entered the home -- it was full of chaos and dark natured remorse. Deedee was able to communicate with the young spirit; her name was Abagail.

Her father, in a drunken rage, came home one night and was mad at her mother for leaving him and started shooting up the house and hit her. She was cuddled in the corner of the room and a bullet blast through her head -- killing her instantly!

Her father was put into prison and the house was cleaned up and rented out -- since it was not being sold and only rented, they did not need to disclose the information about the murder.....so Kiersten and her mother were clueless, as they had just moved to this new town.

The girl lingered because she was scared and shocked -- she had never been taught about Jesus and she was stuck in this place. Deedee was able to grant her peace and showcase the eternal greatness that she would find in ascension. By granting her the prophecy to move on, she told Deedee to look under the loose floorboard in the closet... here we discovered this piece!

The piece is implored with radiant white light powers and will interject pure glory upon your life. This will bring forth protection and imperative blessings of Heaven. The little girl is now an Angel, and Abagail will connect with the person who wears this piece to help guide them to Christ and the glory of Heaven.

If you need protection, blessings and a sense of peace... or are looking to help someone understand the truths of our Heavenly father, then this piece is for you.