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You know how those people in Salt Lake can be. It's like they are all Mormon. I'm not talking about the compound Mormons, where there are sister wives and they stay to get abused and forced to have babies at the age of 14. Rather, I'm talking about the other Mormons, the ones who are seeminlgy normal. They just go to Mormon Church and they believe in Mormon things. THe thing is that is Salk Lake, they don't take no for an answer.

This ring holds the presence of a man named Brian, who at the young age of twenty decided he'd rather not be an Elder. He didn't want to part of the Mormon church at all. This would usually constitute some kind of shunning process, but in this case it was far worse. I don't know what drove them over the edge in this case. Perhaps Biran had drank one too many cups of iced tea. I'm not sure. Either way, they laid a curse upon him that turned him into an immortal werewolf, to walk on all fours and live a live of solitude in the woods.

For Brian, it wasn't all that bad. He was already the outdoorsy type and he wasn't filled with bloodlust some of the werewolves he had read about. What end up causinging his demise was a hunting accident actually. Well, it wasn't really an accident as Brian was an animal and the hunter did mean to shoot him. However, when the hunter shot Brian in his wolf form, the body body turned to ash and his soul was set free into the atmosphere.

Brian was later conjured into this button. You can use this button-- and Brian's powers-- to shapeshift into whatever you want. You don't have to be just a wolf. If you want to be some thing else you can be that, too. In fact, there are no limits on what you can shapeshift into with this piece as long as it is living and breathing. We have also added a protection spell to this piece so that way when you are shapeshifting you are hunted down by one of those supernatural bounty hunters that collect supernatural beings for rewards. This piece shields you so you are free to enjoy shifting into whatever you want, whenever you want.