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The boy fairy that has been placed into this piece is a natural born fairy. Both of his parents for fairies also. Well, they were kind of like nymphs if you'd rather put it that way. They were attached to trees in the woods, which they made their homes. As a male fairy, Brokk's father held extreme protection powers. In fact, he cast the power over the entire forest that they called their home. Till this day the forest they once lived in remaines standing.

Brokk's mother was a sourcing fairy, which basically means she was a sorcerer, but when you are a magical creature you don't really use the word "sorcerer." I guess the proper name for her would be an elemental, because she was able to take the energies from the various elements that exist on Earth and turn them into just about any supernatural power you could think of.

In a magical union between these pair of powerful fairies Brokk was born. The resulting fairy child absorbed both his mother and father's talents, as it is in the fairy kingdom. This is where things get a bit hairy. They trio of fairies was living in the forest that they called home, and then one day Brokk's parents just up and disappeared. I don't know if they were vanquised by a dark entity or if they were captured by a sorcerer who wanted to steal their power or what.

This left Brokk, still a boy fairy, to fend for himself. We found him straggling around the woods on an investigation. We had this piece with us, so we conjured him into it. We only did this after we were certain his parents were not coming back. We know they weren't coming back, because fairies hold a psychic connection to one another and the psychic connection between Brokk and his parents is gone.

Either way, Brokk is now attached to this piece instead of the trees in the woods where he was born. With this piece you are getting more than just magic. You are adopting Brokk the boy fairy. When you have this piece in your home, Brokk will come into your home. He will fly about and do his magic. He won't disturb anything in your home, but you will definitely feel and see his presence. You must embrace this presence and he will do his magic for you.

In return for your adoption you wil gain a psychic awakening that includes the opening of all ofyour psychic senses. Additionally, Brokk will grant you the protection that his father once cast to keep a whole forest safe. This is guaranteed to cleanse the home and keep it safe from dark and menacing intruders. Additionally, Brokk has inherited the ability to source powers, as his mother did while she was still around. This means that any power that you want, you can ask Brokk for. He will find the right formula of energy in the atmosphere to make it for you. Whether you want love or wealth or healing or whatever, all you have to do is ask him. There are recipes for nearly every type of power you can think of. YOu just have to give him time to make it.

This is very unique opportunity and a very powerful piece. Do not let it pass you by!!