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8-8-09 This is a unique program that I'm offering so that you can educate yourself in all things occult,supernatural and paranormal.

You will learn from a beginners stage,move on to a mediate level and then finally to a advanced stage.

There are many untique things about this class,first you are given the tools to work with on the beginning level,then the mediate and then the advanced.

These pieces are from my own collection and you will be given time to work with them and to ask any questions you want.

This is not me giving you advice but rather you asking the things you need to know and the answers being given to you. There will be a class outline which you will get in email and a first item to work with. The item your given on the beginner level is for visions. This is where you need to start to increase everything else.

The classes will be held on Tuesday evening on the website chat in a classroom. Your items will arrive before your class starts.

The items have a value of 800.00 to a thousand dollars in total so the education plus items you will have is much more then the price of this listing.

Classes will be in the evening starting at 930 est.

So much will be revealed to you as well as secret knowledge,how to properly use your items and get the best out of them.

What your getting in easy terms.

A class on the occult,paranormal and magical abilities. Three items one for beginners,one for the mediate level and something from the core magic level.

**The classes are no longer being offered, as Deedee is too busy to hold the workshops --- however if you purchase the value of getting the items is extraorinary... so take advantage while they still remain!