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8-8-09 I'm going to try and type this up again..............

If you are tired of going crazy trying to keep up with all the offerings you have to do with your spirits this will fix it.

This will handle those you have now, those you will buy and anything you bring into the home no matter what type it is.

If it needs an offering, then you have what you need right here.

This is a lifetime offering and you will never have to do another one. There is no spirit or entity, being or anything that will not accept it. This is because of the way it works and how it is done.

This is pure sterling silver in it's purest form. You may place it anywhere and it will not matter if it gets lost as long as it is in your home.

Put it somewhere and forget about it. Your all done. This will also charge your spirits at low level and keep a great balance between them all.

This will also allow the blending of other spirits to get along.  And if you have some that are a little sluggish this will help with that as well.

Low price, big difference in life