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8-15-09 This is from the year 1886 and it is from the the SS Knights of the Golden Eagle. They were a secret society that formed in the early 1800's. They were to follow the teachings of Christ in a military way, this was promoted to outsiders. It was not exactly what went on with those in the inner circle.

To the highest ranking members they sought out the most wonderful places and items. They rain it military style because they were prepared to fight with sword in hand if it came to that to take what they thought were items that held the blood of Christ.

The man that held this item was said to come into contact with the sword that stabbed Christ. This was arranged with some royal family that I do not have the info on,sorry.

He took the word and brought it to his heart drawing blood and then to his badge as a token of honor to have held it.

Since that time so much has happened with this piece. I have seen items fly off the shelf it sat on,all items but it.

During my special project it flew off the shelf to me directly. I took it with me because that is a sign to use the item when something like that happens.

I went to where I go to complete these tasks and had again coins fall to my head out of nowhere. This is no big deal to me as it happens all the time time but after that I began to see a time of pure magic and yet it was reality.

If I could tell you about my project you would understand the significance of this item.

This is something you want. The organization is not as old as some but they were given a special power to do good yet it was by any means.

Because of the any means I have to call it dual magic.