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In any ritual or magic you do it is always best to add some blood or real human remains. This is of course hard to get a hold of. When you use these ingredients your empowering whatever your trying to do by thousands of times.

What I have are real human teeth. These can be carried with you or used in your magic. You may also allow the power they hold to saturate all your magical items.

I have two types,white light spirits,all come with names.

I also have dual and they too come with names. The dual spirits can go either way,that is up to you.

The white light spirits are real human teeth. The dual are replicas because the way they died they could not be controlled,at all. We had to harness the power and do a replica of the real teeth. This has taken about 4 weeks to do so far.

You did not want the dual in real teeth trust me on that. It is not something you could handle. The reason is because you would not get anything productive out of them.

These came from a place were there were rituals of a very destructive nature. The people were picked for the power and the ability they had.

When it was done there was no discharge of the soul so here they are still hanging on earth.

These can be used in any type of magic you do.

When I tell you they are powerful I mean that.

I only have so many white lights,about 15,that's it.

I have a bunch of dual.

Both are extremely powerful but what you want is up to you. The dual are now very helpful now that they are not reliving the original ritual.

I will add pics by tomorrow so you can see them.

You must tell me which one you want.  You will not need more then one. And they can be used over and over again.

If you need to know the difference between dual and the white light light please email and ask.  Know what your getting.