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9-1-09 These are Ouroboros vampires. They are never ending and have been here since the beginning of time. They survived on another world and dimension and traveled here when they had to. They will be remaining with you. They will not hurt you but they are vicious to others that try to harm you. They are so vicious you would not want to watch what happens to a person or being. They would shake in their shoes.

There is not much that can harm these in fact I don't think there is anything. You have to bond with them by giving an offering and talking to them.

They will never turn on you and they WILL protect you but they do like to have attention sometimes. This is not a hardship but just something that even you yourself would like if going into a home.

I have Shayde



and Kaige

The power they possess is not measured.

These were placed inside here and it is only a device to carry them in. You can place them in another vessel if you like but they seem to like this one.

Your getting one of them