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9-6-09 I could name this one after my mommy dearest but I figured it's a good day so why get all uptightω

This is a real witch from the hidden mound. She is not the most pleasant and I can't lie and tell you that she is. What I can tell you is that she will get used to you and she does communication for all your spirits. This is not that different from the Djinn key of communication.

Look I could lie to you and tell you what a joy she is but that wouldn't be right. However when she gets used to you she is just fine. She needs to feel the house is hers too,not just yours. She loves purple flowers and rose buds. She likes and wants a home with a lot of spirits. She will help you to communicate with them. If you have a Djinn your problems are solved. Any type of spirit she can deliver your messages to and see that they are carried out.

She was a very powerful witch and created by thought magic a door that she walked in and out of all the time in order to get certain spirits and creatures to do as she needed. Now she will do it for you.

I only have one and her name is Lilly Vane.

This item is an antique and can be worn or not worn. That is up to you.