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Here is another pair of HJTV exclusives. These rings are two very unique peas in one very powerful pod. They come in a size 7 and just about a size 9. When you order, you get one of the two. If none of them are your size, remember-- they work well as a pendant on a charm, also. They are both made out of heavy-weight sterling silver.

These pieces We call the Bone Daddies. One look at the ring and it's pretty self-explanatory. Or is it? Yes, these rings hold the countenance of very sharp looking skeletons, complete with a party hat fit for any soiree. However, there is more to the story behind this dynamic duo.

There was a house in New Orleans, but this time it wasn't the Rising Sun. Instead, the house belonged to a very powerful Voodoo Priest. He is a black man and he holds a very thick accent, almost to the point that you can't understand what he is saying. With that being said, we didn't catch his name, so he shall remain nameless.

When we first ran into the Voodoo priest, it wasn't actually in New Orleans. It was at a BBQ joint somewhere in Mississippi. I say somewhere in Mississippi, because I couldn't accurately tell you where we were. In fact, the place had the best BBQ I've ever eaten. We have tried to find the exact same place many time, but have never been able to find it again.

What drew our attention to the old man was that he was quite mysterious. He was dressed in typical clothing, but he wore a top hat, just like the ones on the skeleton rings. One of his eyes look aged, but other than that normal. His other eye was a milky color and when I looked at him I assumed that he must have been blind in this eye. Now, I never said anything out loud about him. I simply went on eating my meal. That is how when he came over to our table on his way out and muttered, "Believe me, I can see more with this eye than most can with two," I knew that he had read my mind. He laid a card down on the table and invited us to see him. This was weird because we had never even told him of our plans to visit Louisiana, let alone New Orleans.

The Voodoo Priest's turf was kind of drag and smelled of heavy incense. Chickens and other small animals hung from hooks. We had let ourselves in after knocking for about ten minutes with no reply. All we could hear is some random music playing from somewhere in the confines, but didn't recognize what it was because it was in some other language. I didn't mind, because it gave me a break from the "We're gonna have a good time on the Bayou" song we heard at the Voodoo Marts.

Without dragging the story on in great detail, we eventually found the man in a back room doing some kind of ritual. When he was finished he explained to us that with his "other" eye as he calls it, he can see into the realm of Voodoo gods. They show him what to do and he does it. This is how he managed to make this pair of ring called the Bone Daddies. The designed was given to him from Papa Legba, one of the most respected yet feared Voodoo deities of them all.

These rings are both protectors and seekers of revenge. The can cast any voodoo spell, but they can reverse any curse. They can do whatever you need done, all you have to do is ask them. There is nothing involved with them-- there is no need for a sacrifice and you can skip the doll. They are just pure magic that will read the intention of whatever you ask for them and whomever you want to cast the intention upon. For instance, if you have an ex-mate who screwed you over, they will cast revenge upon that ex. If you have a dear friend who is in dire need of money, they can cast wealth upon that person. If there is a sickly person that you are acquainted with and your intention is to heal them, so it will be. Literally anything that you can think of, these Bone Daddies will put into spell for and cast the intention for you. They are among the most powerful VooDoo items that we have ever collected and now they are yours for the taking.

Again, the price reflects the cost of just one of these Bone Daddies, which is what you get when you order. If you want them both, you will times the price by two. Just remember two is better than one and pairs work better than singles. I'm not saying you need both of them, but you can double your power if you do!!