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This piece, featured on HJTV, is a unique piece. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind item. Often time when we think about places that paranormal activity occurs, we think of bigger players like Russia, China, or the Unites States. Of course, these countries have their fair share of paranormal activities and covert operations. This leads us to kind of turn our heads to the places that also host a swath of paranormal activity, such as the culprit in this listing, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This ring was once the possession of a grand sorcerer who was known throughout England as William the Caster. He was known as such for his prolific power and magic that was given to him by chance. He was not born with this power, rather it was given to him when he was a young boy, in Egypt.

While William traces his lineage back to Anglo-Saxon roots, he was brought up for the most part in Egypt, where his parents helped out with many excavations. Upon his return to England, despite the fact that his parents had left him a considerable amount of money, he never really fit in with the nobility. He was too rich to be considered a peasant, even though he lived by humble means. He was somewhere in the middle, but that didn't change the fact that he had every nobleman wrapped around his magical finger. It was William the Caster that they went to see when the needed help or needed to see their future. They knew that his magic was reliable and would never let them down.

The ring itself is a Victorian Era ring, which holds a crystal ball that William created by the magic of his own hands. The magic that he used is a magic that he got in an accident that almost tragically took his life when he was a young boy. When working in a pyramid that was not one of the great three, but in what would have once been the Upper Kingdom, he did not heed his parents advice and entered the pyramid without supervision.

As a result of the accident and ancient tomb was discovered when William fell through a booby trapped floor and was nearly impaled by spikes that were set in the ground. The mummy was never publicly identified, but there was also a mummy in the chamber that was later removed from the crypt. If Williams parents had not been there to call for help, he probably would have bled to death. The chamber was too far down for them to reach and they had no means of rescuing the boy.

To help, they called upon local that they knew had magic powers. When he came to the pyramid, he immediately used his powers to levitate the boy out of the pit he found himself in. He then used his healing powers to fix the boys wound and revitalize his blood flow. During this process some of the ancient dried blood of the mummy that was found in the tomb was mixed into Williams. From then on he was never the same.

It was with all of his found powers that William was able to make this ring and for many years it was his prized possession. This ring is universal to all people, meaning you don't have to have a lick of paranormal ability in your body for it to work for you. It does some pretty incredible things, too. Remember these are all ancient Egyptian magic as it was the blood of the mummy that gave him these powers.

For starters, this is a scrying ring. You can look inside of the crystal ball that is set into the sterling frame to behold your own future or the future of others. It will give you vivid, vibrant visions of the future that will captivate your mind. It will show you as if you were actually there when it was taking place.

This ring allows you to perform hypnosis on other people. You can use this hypnosis for multiple reasons including spiritual healing, the opening of the third eye, past life regression, or demonic extraction. You can also use it to bend the will of others to get them to do exactly as you say, as if they were a marionette and you control the strings.

This piece allows for levitation. In fact, it will give you two kinds of levitation. First, it will allow you to actually levitate in physical form. You can do this for whatever reason you choose. Second, it allows you to metaphysically levitate to astrally project your body into other realms.

Finally, with this piece you can create your own doppelganger so that way you can be in more than one place at one time. You can either use these doppelgangers here on Earth to project your presence. They are invisible and you can get into anywhere you please, or spy on people if that is what you are into. Also, you can use them by projecting them into the astral plains to search for the powers you wish to retrieve. All in all this piece is very powerful. It is a definite must have!!