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This is a very powerful little item. It comes to you in all sterling silver, set with five beautiful blue stones. These stones have come from a realm called the Eden of Atlantis and they are Five Elders of Atlantis! The Eden of Atlantis is the Center of the Lost Atlantis, which is the continent that exists parallel to the mortal realm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We have offered many items that have come from Atlantis before, but this one is cream of the crop.

Within the Eden of Atlantis, there is a pyramid. This pyramid holds all the hidden powers of the Lost Atlantis, which are really too many to list. When you use this star, Five Elders appear to you from a sacred blue flame. You will be able to see them full form. They will each take a different form as they each specialize in different powers.

These Elders will be your liaison into the world of lost knowledge. They will teach you all the powers of the Lost Atlantis. Basically any power you can think of is yours for the taking with this item. This is because the Atlanteans were much smarter than we could ever hope to be. Having said that, they probably thought of just about every power possible, including any your mortal mind could possibly think up.

Aside from this ability, the elders will allow you to visit the Lost Atlantis to behold what is there, to encounter it as if you had actually traveled back in time to become an Atlantean. It is the full experience. The good news is you don't have to see it all at once. You can use this piece as many times as you'd like!