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I LOVE these and it is not because of how they look as it is not my sort of thing BUT OMG they are great! I have tried them and  I have been transported!

I'm dead serious on these they are great!

If your into pendulums or crystal balls put them down and get one of these because you will actually see and not just get answers.

What I really like is I pulled out this other sword which I bought,I actually bought two of them and boo hoo they did come from an auction. Who is to say that you can't get haunted stuff from an auction or an estate What kind of thinking is thatω

I was over my friends and they had just got these two swords and a dagger. The two swords were the same but one was older and had inscription on the blade. The one sword I felt some heavy duty stuff coming from and the other I felt nothing. So I bought them off of him and took them home. Earlier I had pulled these out and I sat the swords down and began to play with the Griffen.  When I was using the Griffin I began to see the sword and then I saw them both. The one was just for show and the other was for real.

I took out the swords again and looked at the blades and the one would not have cut a thing but the other was sharp as heck. So I laid the one down and kept playing with my Griffen and I got the entire story.

These are great to get the inside info on your items or on a situation but the main thing is that they take you to the Atlantis and you can absorb that power and those abilities. You will actually see it. You will get full instructions and they are very easy to use too. You need to buy nothing other then a candle to use these.

These are also very heavy and if you clock someone with it they are going down. So you have three uses for these. You will get to know your other items and you will see into Atlantis and absorb the ability. You also have a home weapon in case of invasion. In these times,better to be safe then sorry.