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9-12-09 This is not going to be forever so if you want it then buy it now. These will take about three weeks to do because of the time of the month we are in now.

This is a custom conjuring of anyone you wish and it will also hold custom abilities you decide,three only please.

There are some exceptions to who you can have but not many. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE do NOT ask for Michael Jackson or Farrah. These are real conjurations and I'm not saying you can not conjure these people but you need to have common sense. They have not been dead that long and they do have relatives they are going to stay with,not you. And that is IF they didn't decide to move on or reincarnate. There are a lot of variables here that have to be considered.

There is a difference between the energy and the actual spirit. You can take your choice on that as well but please specify.

There are three people doing these conjurations,the one lady is coming from London to do them and she is a master! She will come to your home and do readings and for that she charges a thousand dollars and you have to have ten people for her to even come. Then you need to pay her expenses. She is GOOD! I have learned to do readings form her a long time ago. When she is here I will be learning new things myself. She has conjured for me before and the results were real and immediate.

We sometimes do trade because while she is an expert and I do mean expert at conjuring I have my own special abilities that she likes to make use of.

She will not conjure Satan or God for you but she will do a God energy if that is what you wish. Like I said she is real and she is not going to promise you something for a fast buck. If she can not or refuses to do it you will be notified and your money sent back.

All the rings are in 10k gold with real stones. These will take three weeks. For an extra 10.00 you can get them sized to perfection. Regular buyers get them sized for free.

To buy these,

pick the spirit

pick your three abilities and place them in the order notes.

Go through these listings and pick your style.

There are rings for men as well. Please ask.