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9-17-09 I'm proud to bring you these next few items that are one of a kind.

These two twins Joelle and Jenara were born with great psychic ability and mediumship ability. They were able to conjure but did so using these ancient texts that they both saw in their mind.

For some reason they picked up ancients, ones that wanted to speak to them or just get out a message.

Chia also known as Chia's Chalice gives the ability to do mind viewing,mind connections and to basically peer into another persons mind.

The twist on this is heavy duty for those of you into the more serious side of the paranormal. They as twins embodied Chia and because she is not  now a human entity they could look into the minds of those that already passed on.

This had something to do with them being twins and having that energy.

With these two rings which are morning rings with human remains under the picture you can peer into the minds of the living and the dead.

I can not split them up or they would not work. You have to take them both. You can give one to someone and you can both practice together. You would decide for example that you wanted to look into the mind of say Vlad or maybe Lincoln or whoever and you will see and understand them and the history around them. Possibilities are endless with this.

You could use it for work,to learn history,to know all about someone,to find secrets unknown to others.

On top of Chia your also getting the minds of the two twins. They would see all kinds of stuff on their own. This is how they embodied Chia in the first place.

They were able to view lost lands,ancient writings,tablets and communicate with great entities.

This is an amazing item and I will only ever have one because you just can't have another.

You do not have to wear them at once and you can share them.