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10-10-09 I'm going to be adding some rare items today and then get to sales either today or tomorrow.

As with all items you do get a bingo card. Please save them for the next bingo. Also please look for announcements today by your email.

This is my Templar item that is pure supernatural,parnaormal,just insane. I'm going to give you a brief description of the item but the winner will get more info on this. I have already typed it up so you don't have to wait for it. There are reasons that it is not typed up here. One reason is that I will not use it as a selling point because I can not do that. The buyer will understand when they get the item.

First it is made of pure sterling and gold with what seems to be a huge Citrine. This is a HUGE ring yet made for a small finger.

Recently it seems that many things are maps or will lead you to some place. These items are mainly Secret Society items of various organizations but they all seem to use the astrological as guides. Many use other things as well in combination but they are all land marks of a sort.

I'm freezing in here.

I have this documentary on about Jimmy Carter and even if you did not like his politics he was still a good man. He has a good soul. This is on stars and you should watch it.

I don't think it matters how you make yourself look to others,it's the soul that counts. You can have someone blowing you kisses and hugs all day long but are they black insideω  Are they burnt up like a left on to long hamburgerω Do their behind the scenes actions smell like dog crapω Many times you can not tell and that is a shame.

I think I'm what should be called a Republidem. A well balanced combo. I want people to be happy but I also have a brain. I think if we had someone run as a Republidem and actually followed what I tell them to do,we would all be fine. I know,don't LYAO!

Now they are going on about the Jews in the show acting as if Jimmy Carter did not care but he really did. That poor man. Rain,I can hear you now,LMAO! I'm going to try and watch that movie today too called Old Boys. I'm all excited about it. Just right up my alley!

Now back to this.

Jimmy Carter is really upset right now. I feel he might cry. I'm really upset and I'm going to have to come back later. Okay he is not going to cry,thank God I was worried about that.

We will get to this listing now. I'm going to have to watch Jimmy Carter later.

First let me say the price is negotiable for one reason. I need to use it in the next three weeks. The Templar is with this item and I need it to find out something. I will be taking a trip with him by my side to see something. I will be doing this around November 6th. I will try and get video if I can and pictures. It all depends on if I go alone or not.

How I got this item. I was in Delaware at this church that is open 24 hrs,it never locks and it is beautiful. In it is a grave yard. I knew it was haunted because I kept seeing a man,first naked and then clothed.Usually I don't mess around with grave yards because people usually don't hang around them once they are dead. They either move on or go back to their home to visit relatives.

Like right now I gained two more spirits that are hanging on to me. They died only a few days ago. It was BIG news in all the media. They want me to contact relatives for them but I can not do that. I don't want to be placed into the loony bin.

I hope Jimmy Carter lives a long time with his wife. What a nice man.

Rain I think deep in your sensitive little heart you like him too!

Did you know that Jimmy Carter opened up a school in Africaω Heck thats more then Obamination has done!

Alright I will focus,I promise. The show is over now. No,I do not have ADD I just have multiple brains.

Let me see what else is coming on. I only get to watch TV when I put up listings. Just kidding.

Okay so I see this spirit that is obviously dead as a door nail and he is naked. Then when I think he realized that, he comes back and appears in clothes. Now we are good to go. I did not want to see his junk wagging in the wind. I mean come on,I see enough of that stuff. I will say this,I wonder when we started trimming up weeniesω His looked all funnyω I did take a look at it because I mean your eyes are going to be drawn to that sort of thing.

So he wants me to go into the grave yard deeper with him and I do. At that time he was not talking. Then he started to talk and he said he waited for a spirit like me to come and that he knew I was coming! No one knew I was coming to Delaware,in fact I did not know! It happened out of the clear blue with no reason for it other then I did have this old map that I was not sure if it was real or not. In all reality it was not a planned thing. I was going to other places,London and Georgia. I did get to Georgia but not London.

He took me to a grave site that was very old but could not hold a Templar. It was old but not that old. He asked me to hug him. I just kind of stood there because I'm not the hugging type. I just had to hug this big guy a few weeks ago and I had to pat his head and he was crying and I'm just standing there wondering when I can get away. It was not that I did not like him because I did it was that I'm just not a hugger and he was nearly screaming in pain. He is a tough guy and huge so I was really quite shocked. More so about what he was crying about. Poor thing.

Anyway I did huge him because he was dead and I guess thats bad enough when your still walking the earth in pain. The hug was amazing! Not because I liked him in a sex way but because it was as if I became him. After that We stepped away from each other and I was me again and he was just standing there. He asked me to look at this grave site. When I looked I saw three bodies,a man and woman and then him on the very bottom. It was as if I saw them,into the ground and then they went away and I only saw him. When I saw him he was not even rotted at all but in whole body form.

He is talking at this time and he tells me that he was hidden and that certain people through generations knew where he was. He was buried with his ring because they could not take it from him. It was an impossibility! He told me that everytime they tried to take it his body took on life and sat up. He told me it was not him that was doing it but he was animated beyond his control. Remember he is dead so he is watching all of this.

I asked him what was taking over his body,was it a demonic forceω He told me no that it was a divine source. I did not understand what exactly he meant by divine force. Could it be a cosmic thing,angelic,or God. I do not have the answer to that but I will have it in November.

Then he was gone and I thought WTH,now whatω Here I am still standing with nothing really. What did I learnω Not a thing except that somewhere there are some alive today that know certain secrets. I learned that something can animate us but the heck if I knew what it was.

I looked down and glittering in the moon light was the ring. I picked it up and held it to the light. I beam came out of it and pointed towards the heavens. Still nothing I can use until that same beam hit the ground and created what looked like all these languages. Symbols, and a map with a clear and distinct line to a place right in the US.

This is all I can tell you but the winner will get all details.

Since that time He has been with me all this time.  I have been told to call him RC.

I did have the ring tested and it is sterling and gold. It is now marked and one heck of a powerful piece. It is not just a compass or map but so much more.

The price is negotiable if you wait for me to ship,if not the price is as is.

You will not be disappointed.