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10-10-09 This piece is very old and very powerful. It also has a few chips in it but nothing that takes away from it. In fact of were to be pristine you would need to wonder if it was real.

This comes from the lost and sunken city of Herakleion. This lost city was discovered in 1996 of the Egyptian coast line.

The remains of the city were found  70 feet below the sea and it was filled with Temples,homes and even ships. Also found were tons of Gold,Bronze,crystals,glass that seemed to pulse and so much jewelry I want it all!

These items have been dated to no later then the 1st century! Were talking old here!

The best part of it all is the pure black pillar that was found with ancient and very strange hieroglyphs. The reason the city is thought to have have sunk is an earth quake or a tsunami. However after getting this piece I don't think so. I think the fall was manufactured by a power we have yet to harness or then again maybe now we have. Think Katrinaωω

Looking at some of the symbols it also seems to me that the ones left in Egypt are there to confuse us and throw us off the track of what could really give us true and hidden power.

I know that the symbols of the sunken city are not like what is in Egypt. Why is that and if so close and the same people did they not say the same thingω If not the same at least alike somewhatω

Now think to Atlantis,hidden Mayan artifacts,Temples in the Jungle that are seriously powerful... The list can go on. It truly seems that there is a working cosmic being out there that feels the need to hide things from us.

I can tell you that this item is powerful,it is one of those items that GIVES you visions but not full psychic ones,only those that pertain to it's function. What I can tell you is those are powerful! They are real information that makes the ancient Egyptian magic look like childs play.

Maybe what was left is to throw us off the track.  The only thing worth anything is what is hidden inside those pyramids. And certain people again keep those covered up.

When our civilization realized that there were hidden chambers and a entity that could tell us things all of a sudden no one can explore anymore. Some might say it is because there are those that destroy and that is true but that could be stopped. Why is it that important places are always blocked off to usω

This is a piece that can answer those questions for you. For the buyer I already know what your going to tell me when you get it. I have been there too. It's a wild ride.

I have placed this on a chain for you.