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This is one I will return and do as soon as I get home. This one is Amazing! Was this a time traveler,a realm hopper, Or an astral glider. Could it have even been something else.You will find out.

Do not mind the punctuation in the listings we are going through changes on the site and if I use certain punctuation it turns it into W's. So I will use all periods and comma's only.

Impossible fossils are items of any nature that find themselves inside rocks,geodes or anything that is out of place. An example would be a say a 8 million year old rock that has a  1700 century item inside of it fully sealed. In other words how could it get there. It would be impossible unless there was time travel.

I have looked up some real examples for you so you can understand exactly what I mean.

In Tanzania a human skull was found inside a rock bed that is over a million years old. Yet humans scientists say have only been alive for 200.000 years. How is that possible.

Another example is in Illinois a 18k gold chain was found in a piece of coal. The piece was described as antique,I guess so! The way the chain was found should scientific proof that it was there as the coal formed. This means that it could be 250 million years old with the newest coal being only a million years old. So take your pick,the chain is between 250 million years old and a million years old.

Now we come to the thinking process. What was going on. Did many ancients walk the earth AND have the ability to make great things. Some things found have been of great technology. Or were they time traveling.

I think personally that many have walked this earth from the beginning of a the planets creation but I could be wrong. I don't think so since the piece your looking at is made of real Bone and Amethyst.

The ring your looking at has a spirit attached to it and they are immortal. Not in the legendary sense but for real.

I'm so tired right now my eyes are closing. I'm going to get on as much stuff as I can today because I have my class stuff to get ready for tomorrow night.

This ring belongs to a man who calls himself  "The Adoration" it is his real name. He was found or his item was in an impossible fossil. This dates to  over 9 million years old. Now most of us would think cave man,not so. The intelligence is beyond what we know today.

You know how we strive for certain abilities. He thinks that's crazy because all his people had all kinds of stuff but it varied in degree's and in what type. They can change appearance,become a creature and then carry back it's abilities as their own. They can communicate to all realms,dimensions and have a good communication with them.

Most impressive is the ability to go back and forth in time to the beginning and the end that has not come. Why they are not here now is as with all civilizations someone screws up. Someone brings about the end of enlightenment.

The bone ring is of an angel that walked earth when it was first built and designed. Each Theta had one and the stone is magical. It guides you to the place and person you were way,way way back. These places can not be detected by a past life because they are blocked off to you. Some beings think you have no right to them. But with this you do.

This is a beginning an opening to a vast source of knowledge and knowing. I only have one. 10-10-09