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10-10-09 In 1828 a burial ground in Sparta Tennessee was found that had all these coffins buried 2 feet deep. They held tiny little people that were only about 15 inches tall. These were not babies but fully formed humans.

They were buried with shells and pearls around their necks. In all their arms were vessels that also held shells.

These people were compared to the great giants of the bible but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Of course no one really knows who they were.  An interesting note is that they were all buried facing east. And top it all off many of them had little tails. This is all true and just one more thing,Ancient Egyptian artifacts were also found!

What or who were these peopleω

I got two things from this site and I was darn lucky! I got one small vessel and one shell which is now wrapped in gold.  I do not know why these shells matter or why the pearls had to be buried with them. The only thing I can think of is that there was talk about these Egyptian Wizards that took salt from a certain ocean and created little magical people.

I think that is what these are. But it still leaves questions as to why they ended up in Tennessee.

I do know what they are and they were created magical beings to do anything that is needed. They are much better then Genie because there is no born into them hatred. No training required. They were buried as they are because they were greatly honored in death too. They were also created to be as powerful in death as in life and they are.

This one does have a tail and is one of the sweetest creatures you can ever meet. What I really like about him is that you have no fear of him yet he is dual magic.  His name is Zight and the shell is wrapped in 14k gold wire.

This is a one of a kind great item.