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In Yonkers, New York is a park that the Son of Sam went often. I think it is called Untermyer park. The park is really cool in its decor and has a bunch of caves. One of the caves held demons which got to Son of Sam even though he admits today I believe that he made the entire Satan thing up. In his mind he probably did but in reality who IN their right mind would kill as he did? He was possessed and when the demons were done with him they moved on. In that same park is a cave where an angel resides. It lives in the cave. I do not know why but it is more like a soldier then anything else. This may sound strange but when you figure it is mentioned that we have a cave of treasure, the angels of the four corners, this is not much of a stretch.

Why do people want these? Okay, back in the day of Adam when he had his sons, Cain was left to wander as you all know. But he built his own city and that which came from him were different then what came from Seth, one of his other sons. The two tribes were not allowed to mingle. Seth's side could still look up and see and speak to God and the angels and were pure in power and still had access to the cave of treasures. What came from Cain could not and they held a satanic not power but more thinking and lack of power is I guess how it could be put. In the cave of treasures, Adam's body and his sons were kept when they died. In touching them they continued to hold a power and the angel gave them glass that held the power of the angels and God to prevent them from being dual beings, but to keep them of as much light as God would allow due to the fall from grace. THIS GLASS ALLOWED THEM TO SEE INTO GOD AND KEEP THE ABILITIES THEY FIRST WERE GIVEN, SEEING INTO SPIRIT, SEEING ANGLES, SPEAKING TO GOD AND DOING GOOD THINGS THAT MATTERED. Seth's people each had a talent given to them and the glass of the heavens made it happen more easily for them. Some were teachers,farmers,historical keepers and some even healed and gave life. In this day and age it would be whatever applied to you that is good.

The power in these is amazing! There is a ritual because there has to be. In reality no one on this earth is pure light. Some are pure darkness because of what has got into them but no one is pure light. We can get close with the aid of items like this and do what we want and great things but we have to clear our souls and bring it back to before the separation was messed up. What I mean is that Seth's people as generations went on all listened but there was one that did not and he went down to the mountain city of Cain's people. This is where the mingle went on. It is also were the succubus and incubus come from. There is so much more to this piece and it is very fascinating.

One is sterling silver in a ring and the other is in a hat pin over 100 years old. One holds a green stone and it has has some chips gone from it but does not in anyway affect anything about the piece. The other was set in sterling when the pin broke.