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This piece is in sterling silver,unmarked and is an antique. It also has a loop on the top so you may add it to a chain and wear it.

Inside there is a pencil that opens up and works great. This draws symbols of power that go with your past lives. These symbols of power are unique to you and only for you.

The Zep Tepi is the first of time. This means that you are getting your symbols from the first of time,the begining. Now is the time to use this piece with Spring coming. With Spring all magic is renewed,spirits are very active seeking homes and people to converse with and all is reborn.

When were are talking about the begining of time we are talking about a birth. This birth includes you and everyone is unique so your gifts are just for you. These are your abilities and sometimes they get lost or not lost but rather you don't know how to grasp them and make use of them.

When you use this piece it is going to go all the way back to the first of time and renew those abilities for you. This time you can now use them. How it works is it will pull the different abilities from all your past lives. You do have a ton of them. You may not remember them all but they are there. There were only a certain number of souls made at the first of time so this is why you meet people you swear you knew before. Why you seem to gravitate to certain people and why sometimes you just click.

That is all great but you want the gifts that were given to you in each life. Once you have these you are like a super power. You have everything in place including protections,magics and abilities. This is a rare find.