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A couple of years ago when we all went to New Orleans Danny met with a voodoo priestess. They hit it off well which was strange since they were both very different. She gave him a few really neat items. Most he was interested in and all worked but one. Many people called her Granny if they could even get to see her. She was not Cajun or what a typical voodoo woman would look like,she was French. And she could be insane! She has been in the same location for at least 10 years that I know of.

The one item that didn't work had a few magicals that came with it and they did work so he was confused as to why the one didn't.

The one that would not do anything was the Rougarou. This is a sorceerer that can turn into many animal forms. They are creatures that you would fear but not in the form that she gave them to Danny.

The one piece that has the black mark on it is Rougarou,her name is Valli Doone. Valli holds all the power of shifting and giving you that energy. Granny worked with Energy of the dead in order to do her magic which is considered a part of voodoo.

This piece now works because he took it back with him on our last trip. Granny told him what he had to do in order to call Valli. She said she had told him already and I'm sure she did but he must have been talking and not paying attention.

You have to have safety when using a Rougarou,a four leaf clover and holy water are needed. This doesn't turn them good as they are not evil but just makes them safe. She had it set up that Valli Doone would not come out unless all the safety measures were ready.

Now they are and Danny Tested it and used a few times and I used it once. I was impressed. I have to say we all talk about this ancient magic and that ancient magic and yet Voodoo is good. It is not evil,they are very religious people just tuned in to what is going on with all the spiritual worlds.

This piece has in it the Rougarou, a tap into the tree of life which is dual magic,you turn the stone bead while using it. One is the dark side and one is the light. You must have both to get it to work. Danny has used this but not extensively. I have used that part of it a LOT! I have come to know so many things because of it and not even know but have my thinking validated which is good.

You have one house of Genie and they are all mated with male and female,eight in total. These Genie have formed a sacred church or place of worship in their home. They are very powerful and work together.

The soul connector this is for love and finding the true soul mate. They are two pieces connected together and they fit perfectly,they give off an attraction when you have them with you. You become attractive in every way. This does not mean just looks but in mind and personality.

You have one Mertion which is a sea being that gives off an energy so you can feel and know another persons emotion and sometimes thoughts. Sorry there are two of those,one male and one female.

There are four shields that you can put in place if you wish to. One does the body,past life,mental and this life in all aspects.

There is one real dragon of wealth and one voodoo dream to reality ball of wealth.

You also have natural earth tone stones placed in this necklace so that you remain grounded and safe but can also reach into higher realms of enlightenment with safety.