Roman Centurion Time Hopper
Roman Centurion Time Hopper

Roman Centurion Time Hopper

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This piece was sent to us from a customer from Razgrad.  That is a modern city in Bulgaria.  The customer no longer wanted the item, which she originally thought was really cool looking.  I mean, what's not to like about the piece.  The piece is clearly a little bit older than most and a stately looking Roman Centurion on it.  However, the customer that gave it to us is only into light piece that give her God powers and what not.  She didn't quite understand this item.  She sent it to us after a while, claiming that it was haunted by a poltergeist.  

It didn't take us long for us to pit the mistake.  The piece is indeed haunted, but not by a poltergeist.  Far form in.  Rather, this piece holds the spirit of an ancient Roman warrior.  Surprise, surprise!  Either way, it's our job to figure these things out and like I said, it didn't really take much of an effort to figure it out.   The Roman warrior was one that was slaughtered during the Battle of Abrittus.  

The Battle took place in what would eventually become Razgrad.  It was the first Roman battle during which an actually Roman Emperor was killed at the hands of an encroaching enemy army.  The battle front was led by co-emperors Decius and his son Herennius.  It was fought against the Goths.  Battles between the two had gone back and forth for some time, but when the Goths' leader Cniva tricked the Romans into fighting a battle in a swamp, it was pretty much over for them.  With the Roman army slowed down and not able to really mobilize an offensive, the Goths set themselves up for a wholesale slaughter.  No official numbers were tabulated for the battle, but it is thought that the Goth army virtually annihilated the Romans.  The left with carts full of war prisoners and war booty; and the booty is what it's all about.  

The warrior who is in this piece is named Atticus.  He is one of the ones that was killed in the swamp.  He was summoned from the dead by a wizard who resurrected him and set him into this piece.  With Atticus' presence in this piece, you will be allowed to travel back to the time of the Romans.  It doesn't just allow you to travel back to the time of the battle.  It will let you travel to any point and time in Roman history.  This is pretty cool, because not only will this piece give you a first hand look into Roman history, but it will allow you to travel through the Roman Empire's annals of time to meet and experience anybody you want.  This means you can meet up with any type of magical being to obtain their powers-- wizards, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, witches, and other types of entities.  And let us not forget that Jesus' life took place during the rule of the Romans.  You will be able to experience all of his things such as the last supper, the sermon on the mount, and might even be able to allow you to perform his miracle!!  This is a very eye-opening piece and I don't see why anybody wouldn't want it!  It's a once-in-a-life time opportunity! 
This piece is sterling silver